re:Invent 2023 DevOps and Developer Productivity Playlist | AWS DevOps Blog

The dust has settled after another re:Invent. I once again had the privilege of organizing the DevOps and Developer Productivity (DOP) track along with Jessie VanderVeen, Anubhav Rao and countless others. For 2022, the DOP track included 59 sessions.  If you weren’t able to attend, I have compiled a list of the on-demand sessions for you below.

DOP225 – Build without limits: The next-generation developer experience at AWS – Join this talk to explore the next-generation AWS developer experience. Adam Seligman, Vice President of AWS Generative Builders, provides updates on the latest AWS developer tools and services, including capabilities powered by generative AI, low-code abstractions, cloud development, and operations. See demos of key developer services and how they integrate to help enhance productivity and innovation. Discover how AWS is empowering builders of virtually all skill levels to build, deploy, and scale resilient cloud applications quickly. Learn how the continuous evolution of AWS developer tools and integration and cloud capabilities creates new opportunities to innovate and accomplish more.

DOP201 – Best practices for Amazon CodeWhisperer – Generative AI can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music. Learning how to interact with generative AI effectively and proficiently is a skill worth developing. Join this session to learn about best practices for engaging with Amazon CodeWhisperer, which uses an underlying foundation model to radically improve developer productivity by generating code suggestions in real time.

DOP202 – Realizing the developer productivity benefits of Amazon CodeWhisperer – Developers spend a significant amount of their time writing undifferentiated code. Amazon CodeWhisperer radically improves productivity by generating code suggestions in real time to alleviate this burden. In this session, learn how CodeWhisperer can “write” much of this undifferentiated code, allowing developers to focus on business logic and accelerate the pace of their innovation.

DOP205 – Accelerate DevOps with generative AI and Amazon CodeCatalyst – In this session, see a demo of the newest generative AI features in Amazon CodeCatalyst. Learn how you can input simple instructions to produce ready-to-use code, automatically adjust infrastructure, and update CI/CD workflows. Explore how you can generate concise summaries of intricate pull requests. Join this session to see firsthand how these practical additions to CodeCatalyst simplify application delivery, improve team collaboration, and speed up the software development lifecycle from concept to deployment. Discover the groundbreaking impact that AI can have on DevOps through the lens of CodeCatalyst.

DOP206 – AWS infrastructure as code: A year in review – AWS provides services that help with the creation, deployment, and maintenance of application infrastructure in a programmatic, descriptive, and declarative way. These services help provide rigor, clarity, and reliability to application development. Join this session to learn about the new features and improvements for AWS infrastructure as code with AWS CloudFormation and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and how they can benefit your team.

DOP207 – Build and run it: Streamline DevOps with machine learning on AWS – While organizations have improved how they deliver and operate software, development teams still run into issues when performing manual code reviews, looking for hard-to-find defects, and uncovering security-related problems. Developers have to keep up with multiple programming languages and frameworks, and their productivity can be impaired when they have to search online for code snippets. Additionally, they require expertise in observability to successfully operate the applications they build. In this session, learn how companies like Fidelity Investments use machine learning–powered tools like Amazon CodeWhisperer and Amazon DevOps Guru to boost application availability and write software faster and more reliably.

DOP208 – Continuous integration and delivery for AWS – AWS provides one place where you can plan work, collaborate on code, build, test, and deploy applications with continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools. In this session, learn about how to create end-to-end CI/CD pipelines using infrastructure as code on AWS.

DOP209 – Governance and security with infrastructure as code – In this session, learn how to use AWS CloudFormation and the AWS CDK to deploy cloud applications in regulated environments while enforcing security controls. Find out how to catch issues early with cdk-nag, validate your pipelines with cfn-guard, and protect your accounts from unintended changes with CloudFormation hooks.

DOP210 – Introducing Amazon CodeCatalyst Enterprise – Amazon CodeCatalyst brings together the things you need to build, deploy, and collaborate on software on AWS into one integrated software development service. With CodeCatalyst Enterprise, organizations can now deliver a pre-paved path to production that complies with IT and security policies and integrates with existing infrastructure investments such as identity and access management (IAM), virtual private cloud (VPC), and custom blueprints. This helps platform engineers and IT to deliver a flexible yet compliant way for developers to start building and collaborating on new software projects in minutes. Join this session to discover the new ways that CodeCatalyst helps enterprise developers build and ship code faster while spending more time doing the work they love.

DOP211 – Boost developer productivity with Amazon CodeWhisperer – Generative AI is transforming the way that developers work. Writing code is already getting disrupted by tools like Amazon CodeWhisperer, which enhances developer productivity by providing real-time code completions based on natural language prompts. In this session, get insights into how to evaluate and measure productivity with the adoption of generative AI–powered tools. Learn from the AWS Disaster Recovery team who uses CodeWhisperer to solve complex engineering problems by gaining efficiency through longer productivity cycles and increasing velocity to market for ongoing fixes. Hear how integrating tools like CodeWhisperer into your workflows can boost productivity.

DOP212 – New AWS generative AI features and tools for developers – Explore how generative AI coding tools are changing the way developers and companies build software. Generative AI–powered tools are boosting developer and business productivity by automating tasks, improving communication and collaboration, and providing insights that can inform better decision-making. In this session, see the newest AWS tools and features that make it easier for builders to solve problems with minimal technical expertise and that help technical teams boost productivity. Walk through how organizations like FINRA are exploring generative AI and beginning their journey using these tools to accelerate their pace of innovation.

DOP220 – Simplify building applications with AWS SDKs – AWS SDKs play a vital role in using AWS services in your organization’s applications and services. In this session, learn about the current state and the future of AWS SDKs. Explore how they can simplify your developer experience and unlock new capabilities. Discover how SDKs are evolving, providing a consistent experience in multiple languages and empowering you to do more with high-level abstractions to make it easier to build on AWS. Learn how AWS SDKs are built using open source tools like Smithy, and how you can use these tools to build your own SDKs to serve your customers’ needs.

DOP228 – Amazon Q: Your new assistant and expert guide for building with AWS – In this session, learn how Amazon Q is transforming the developer experience by speeding up a range of tasks as you research how to get started, evaluate system design, build secure and scalable applications, upgrade existing applications, and optimize application performance. Learn firsthand how Amazon Q capabilities for building, troubleshooting, and transforming applications faster and more easily frees you up to focus on experimentation and innovation.

DOP229 – Automate app upgrades & maintenance using Amazon Q Code Transformation – Developers spend significant time completing the undifferentiated work of maintaining and upgrading legacy applications. Teams need to balance investments in building new features with mandatory patching and update work. Now, using the power of generative AI, Amazon Q can expedite these critical upgrade tasks, transforming applications to use the latest language features and versions. Join the session to learn how your team can automate Java application upgrades and soon port .NET framework applications to cross-platform .NET.